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Prehistoric Finds

As far back as 8,000 years ago, hunter-gatherers used the Knibbe Ranch as a base to hunt buffalo. How do we know?

An atlatlSeveral sites of prehistoric nomadic Indian campgrounds from the Paleolithic to Late Archaic periods have been found on the ranch.

The age of Knibbe site #1 is estimated to range from approximately 8,000 years before the present to 500 years before the present.

This estimated range is derived from the presence of one basal fragment of an Andice point found in the lower part of the site and the presence of a Perdiz point found in the upper part of the site.

There are at least 6 other sites on the ranch with an ongoing dig at Site #2.

Buffalo jump. A large number of bison bones have been found at the base of the cliff overlooking this site, which indicates that Site #2 is an authentic bison kill site.

A spearAtlatl demonstrations. Guests to the ranch are introduced to and can experiment with the "atlatl," the spear-throwing weapon of the period. This weapon creates the thrust needed to kill smaller animals like deer or antelope.